can bring you into a relationship with several great pianists or other famous instrumentalists who are jurors in international competitions, as Bernard RINGEISSEN-pianist, Gilles HENRY-violinist, Angeline PONDEPEYRE-accompanist, Jean-Marie GAMARD-cellist,Gilbert AUDIN-bassoonist, Jean-Michel VINIT-horn-player, Alain MANFRIN-trombonist...and who gives several Master-classes a year.

With regard to the upper level, the prizes of privates lessons are between 300 ff and 2000 ff for preparations to the international competitions.

As the lists are very long and as most of the professors do not want to be constantly contacted, undertakes to convey and to put people in touch.

If you are interested in a characteristic master, you need to have a direct contact with, by phone, fax or e-mail.